If a teacher logs into Class Creator and they have no students in their survey it is likely because the teacher was not linked correctly to their class when they were imported.

In the example below you can see the "0" and orange warning icon under the Students column beside Corinne Anderson.

If this teachers log in to Class Creator their surveys would not contain any students.



How to fix this:

1. Go to the Students page and see what the students have as their Current Class.

EG. Corinne Anderson's student have "Z.Z"


2. Go to the Teachers page and select Edit for the teacher you which to edit.

3. Change the Current Class of the teacher to match the students they teach.

Click on the Current Class box and select from the drop down menu which shows all available classes based on the students you have imported. If you have not imported current students, this list may not be populated or up to date.

EG. Corinne Anderson's Current Class becomes "Z.Z".


4. Save the teacher's updated information and check the teachers now has the correct number of students assigned to them.

EG. Corinne Anderson now has 26 Students.

If they do not, please check that the teacher's Current Class is exactly the same as their students and all students have been imported (an extra space or comma will mean they won't match).

Finally, please contact us