Use configure classes to decide how many classes you wish to have for the upcoming year. The number of classes you select will result in that number of classes being created in the Class Creator output.

  1. Click “Configure Classes” on the dashboard.
  2. The table on the right displays your students for the next academic year.
  3. The table on the left allows you to configure the number classes you wish to have for the upcoming year.
  4. Click on the boxes in the “Number of Classes” column.
  5. Enter the number of classes you wish to have, and the approximate students per class will change accordingly.
  6. You can change these numbers at any time, and Class Creator will instantly sort students into the new number of classes.

Administrators can configure the number and type of classes per grade/year level.


The total number of students for the future academic year is displayed on the right.


Admins can then allocated the number of classes to be created and Class Creator will spread the available students equally amongst those classes.

Schools can also configure multiple variations to see how they look:
Variation 1: Grade 4 with 5 classes of 20
Variation 2: Grade 4 with 4 classes of 25