Each year the students and their data from the previous year needs to be archived. This removes it from the main dashboard and student lists. Your current students then need to be imported along with their student ID (This will link it to the archived data making history available).

The reason we need to reimport students (rather than using the information already in Class Creator) is because their information such as current class, year level and survey data reflects that of the previous year.

Many of our schools create and save multiple versions of classes so the software is unable to automatically know which classes the students ultimately ended up in and therefore can't 'roll over' the students into the next year.

It is important that the students are updated with their current class as this matches to their current teacher in order to complete the surveys.

Once the archive and new import are complete this year's teachers will have access to student history to see separations and pairings (and decide whether or not to include them again this year). This historical information is also available when creating classes.