Here are 7 keys to producing the best classes for your school:


1. Please use the upload templates correctly.

We have tried to make our upload templates (Students and Teachers) as simple as possible. Please read the instructions and if you have any questions, please contact us.



2. All staff members are on the same page.

We have created a PowerPoint to be presented to your staff before they begin using Class Creator. 

The objective of the presentation is to make sure all staff members:

  • Understand the Class Creator process
  • Are on the same page in regards to the Surveys and definitions
  • Feel empowered by Class Creator, not that "a computer is making our classes". Class Creator is a tool to help save time and make great classes.



3. Only use separations/pairings for essential situations.

Separations and Pairings are "forced", meaning where possible they will be met.

They have a major impact on all student placements (not just the students named) and the overall balance of classes.

If Separations/Pairings are used for non-essential situations (e.g. chatty students) then they will become ineffective very quickly.

Please remind staff to only use them for essential situations.



4. Pairings and Preferences...what's the difference?

Not all schools use Preferences.

Pairings: are all forced.

Preferences: one of the preference is forced.

Therefore if two students absolutely must be together they should be Paired.

If a student should be with one of a group of students, they should be entered as Preferences.



5. Use the Data Health Check

Once you create your classes, the algorithm will work its magic and use all the data that has been entered to create your class lists.

If, on your initial inspection, you think the classes aren't as balanced as they should be we suggest you use the 'Data Health Check' button (Found by clicking the Tools button on the create classes page).

The Data Health Check gives you a quick overview of the data entered for that grade level. It will show you how the data entered has driven the placement of the students and in many cases, why an imbalance has occurred.

You can then either edit the data or manually change the class lists to get right class lists for your school.


6. Placements decisions are not black and white.

Class Creator provides educators with options (hopefully great ones), feedback on class demographics and individual placement alerts.

As educators ourselves we expect you to override Class Creator and ignore any warnings that stop you meeting the needs of your school.



7. If you're not sure, please ask.

Helping schools all over the world has taught us one thing:

All schools are different.

Therefore if you are unsure about anything, please let us know.

We're nice people :-)