To import your students into Class Creator you will need to download our template, copy & paste your student's data into the template and upload it using our in-app wizard.


1. Login to Class Creator


2. Click Students on the left-hand side navigation menu.



3. Click the Import button.


4. Follw the steps in the Import Wizard.

In the spreadsheet you must use the appropriate code from the table below depending on your region.

  • You should be able to export this data from your student management system. You may wish to ask an IT or business admin person for help.

  • Make sure the data is in the correct columns and rows.

  • Use the correct Current Grade/Year Level code for your region/system.
    First Year of School = Reception/Transition, Kinder/Kindergarten, Prep, Pre school etc. 

If you have any questions please let us know: 

We're here to help :-)