Thanks for your interest in helping us improve Class Creator.

With over 10,000 users from all over the world using Class Creator, we have a hugely varied user base that is integral to helping us to develop Class Creator in the direction that best helps our schools.


How we prioritise Feature Requests

Step 1 - Idea Board

When a feature request is received (emailed to: we look through our Ideas Board to see if we have received that request before.

Sometimes we have not received that request before, but it something we thought of previously (EG. Sociograph). 

The idea is then added to the board, along with the person/school making the request. As a team meet regularly to discuss the Ideas Board.
We prioritise the ideas according to:
The number of times the feature has been requested

The value the feature will provide schools
The number of schools the feature will benefit


We also take into account:
The resources required to develop the feature
The resources required to support the feature
The additional complexity the feature may create for users


Step 2 - To Do List

Once a feature climbs to the top of the Ideas Board it is moved to the To Do List.

The To Do List also contains existing features we wish to upgrade and is also prioritised by the same criteria as above.

Once a feature tops the To Do List it goes into development.


Step 3 - Development, Testing & Release

Depending on the feature development can take anywhere from hours to weeks.
Once a feature is developed it is tested and released...that makes it sound like we a reintroducing an injured penguin into the wild!
When we release a feature we reach out to anyone who has requested it...that makes it sound like a pizza..."Order number 28 your Pepperoni and New Survey Feature is ready!"
If the feature is something that will provide a large benefit to the majority of our schools we will email all admins.

Feature Requests FAQ

Do you really listen to feedback/ideas?

Yes...full stop.

User feedback drives our development. As educators ourselves, we believe the best ideas come “from the trenches”.

By submitting a feature request you are contributing to the direction Class Creator heads.

Also, your great idea has the potential to impact hundreds of thousands of kids...and isn’t that way we got into education in the first place!


How long does it take for a feature to go from Idea to Release?

It depends. If it is a feature that will be really useful for schools and possible to develop “quickly” it can be available within hours.

If it is a complex feature to develop and will only provide a relatively small benefit to a handful of schools it may take months to move from Ideas to To Do to Development.

Do you build every feature?


We would love to be there are three things that stop us from building every feature that is requested.

Firstly, as every school is unique, some features may only have a positive impact on a handful of schools...while having a negative impact on hundreds of others. Often we have two requests that actually contradict one another. Imagine a school agreed to every piece of feedback they received from parents!

Secondly, we try to get the core of the value a feature provides users. Often we find that we can quickly provide a solution/workaround for that user, without having to develop a feature.


Moral of the story...

Ask for features.

We’ll try our best to deliver :-)