Step 1: Introduction to Staff

Introduce Class Creator to your staff using this editable PowerPoint.


Step 2: Importing Students and Teachers

Import your students and teachers using the templates provided in Class Creator and follow the in-app wizard.


Step 3: Configure and Send Surveys

Configure surveys to meet the needs of your school. Send your teachers their invitation to complete their survey.


Step 4: Configure Classes and Assign Teachers (Optional) 

How many classes do you need per grade level? (EG 4 x Grade 1, 3 x Grade 2, etc.)

Assign teachers to a specific grade/year level. You need to do this if you want your student-teacher separations/pairings met.


Step 5: Review and Edit Survey Results

Review all surveys (really interesting data!) and edit them where necessary.


Step 6: Create Classes

This is the fun part, creating classes. Use the Drag ‘n’ Drop and keep an eye out for our placement alerts.


Got a question?

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