For schools that prefer school administrators/leadership to be with teachers/teams when creating classes.


1. Admin views Survey Summary to ensure teachers have completed survey correctly:
- not excessive separations/pairing (are they all essential?)
- maximum preferences completed if the school chose to use preferences. 



2. Admin closes teacher surveys via the Configure Surveys page.



3. Admin can edit the teacher surveys, Surveys -> View Surveys.



4. Admin can Assign Teachers if applicable to the school.



5. Admin attends team meeting (Grade One).



6. Admin connects their computer to Interactive Whiteboard/Projector/TV to display classes.



7. Admin goes to Classes -> Create Classes



8. Start New

9. View and edit classes with the team.
Staff will be able to see icons for Admin Notes and Student-Teacher Separations, but not the details unless the icons are clicked.


10. Save the version 'Whole School'.


11. Admin attends next team meeting (Grade Two).


12. Classes -> Create Classes -> Load Saved and select “Whole School” 


13. View and edit classes with the team.


14. Repeat the process for all grade levels


15. Once happy with the classes they can be Exported