For schools that prefer school administrators/leadership have control over student placements, but also like teachers to review placements and provide feedback.


1. Admin views Survey Summary to ensure teachers have completed the survey correctly:- not excessive separations/pairing (are they all essential?)
- maximum preferences completed if the school chose to use preferences.



2. Admin closes teacher surveys via the Configure Surveys page.



3. Admin can edit the teacher surveys, Surveys -> View Surveys.



4. Admin can Assign Teachers if applicable to the school.



5. Admin goes to Classes -> Create Classes



6. Start New


7. View and edit classes.



8. Save the version “Whole School”.



9. Admin uses Tools -> Share to request feedback from staff.
- Only the Grade Level displayed on the screen with be shared with the staff selected.
- Selected staff will be sent an email to review and comment on classes.
- Staff MUST access the shared class via the link in the email.
- Admin Notes & Student-Teacher Separations/Pairings will not be displayed to staff.

ALTERNATE: Classes can be downloaded/exported/printed and distributed to staff, however, colour-coding & icons will not be accessible.



10. To view staff feedback and edit the classes Classes -> Create Classes -> Load Saved and select “Whole School”. Staff feedback will appear below the Shared class when it is loaded.


11. Edit the classes using feedback. You can share again.



12.Once happy with the classes they can be Exported.